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last thoughts from aspen

Amazing. Breathtaking. Exhausting? :) I spent a couple of hours this afternoon skiing with the girls and it was amazing, breathtaking and exhausting! It completely amazes me that my little peanuts, who started out on the magic carpet only a few short years ago, are now able to take the lift all the way to [...]

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greetings from aspen

The girls are having a great time! Piper is a skiing machine … she doesn’t want to come in at the end of the day and is aching to get out again the next morning. And little Huntie’s been a trouper … she looks forward to seeing her ‘snow instructor’ each morning. Wynter seems to [...]

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kids on skis

I can’t believe it’s been a year already! The girls get 2 days off of school for ‘long winter weekend’ … and we always head to Aspen. We’ve been coming here since Taylor was four or five? Unbelievable! This is the first year Hunter’s come with and I’m so glad she did. Honestly, I didn’t [...]

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