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for the mourning momma & those who judge

I was in a situation recently where my parenting skills were being judged. And it got me thinking of all the other momma’s out there who might be mourning and parenting mourning children. Join me over at the MODsquad blog today as I share my thoughts.

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a letter to my sixteen year old self

Did you know? Emily Freeman released a sister … or should I say daughter companion for her Grace For the Good Girl book. It’s called Graceful, and it’s lovely. In honor of it’s release and all the things our young-girl selves are faced with, Emily’s challenged us to write a letter to our teenage selves. [...]

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what’s for dinner?

It never fails … I’m in the kitchen preparing dinner when one-by-one my kidlets walk in and ask, “What’s for dinner?” It struck me last night that I’ve been getting overly irritated at that question lately. Why? Because they usually complain about my answer and I don’t have the last nerve to hear it! Can [...]

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i decided to turn my twit around

It’s been a little quiet around here lately, huh? I’ve been busy getting the kids off to a new year of school and clearing the wreckage summer left behind. I’ve also been working on a little writing project I can’t wait to share with you. Lastly, I’ve been carrying a bit of emotional baggage. My [...]

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rules without relationship = rebellion

I heard something recently that’s resonated so strongly with me, I can’t seem to forget it. rules without relationship = rebellion I encourage you to join me over the next 3 days as I share my thoughts on these four simple words. Both as they relate to parenting, and religion. And on the third day, [...]

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