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computer hijack!

So … while in Exuma recently, the girls thought it a grand idea to hijack mom’s computer while she was helplessly making dinner.  I heard it all from the kitchen … mostly screaming and Wynter’s Broadway production of Winter Wonderland … but the real treat came when I opened photobooth and found exactly what they [...]

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sandmen {repost}

While in Exuma last January, the girls and I had fun making our little sandmen on the beach.  It seemed fitting to repost it while we’re here.  Enjoy! Pin It

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right now …

Right now I’m: sitting outside in the cool breeze looking at palm trees and beautiful blue waters waiting for my girls to emerge full of energy and excitement with questions of what today will hold mourning many, many things thankful for new friends at Christmas dinners researching getting ready for the release of my new [...]

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outreach, fasting + prayer {repost}

This post is so dear to me, as it’s a reminder that my goal in parenting is to instill the heart of Christ deep into each of my girls. {original post date 1.28.11} Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Matthew 9:37 In this little pink house, [...]

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my adventurous girls

I know, I know … and I can hear you saying, “you’ve told us a million times … yes, we know … your girls are adventurous!”  But indulge me a moment, won’t cha? On our recent stay in Exuma, the girls did a lot of snorkeling.  A. lot!  They’ve even worked their way up to [...]

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