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multiple sclerosis :: an update

On December 31, 2008, I started having weird eye pain and by the end of the week, vision loss. I went in for testing and in January 2009, I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis. I was told at the time there was a 40-50% chance of it turning into MS within 5-10 years. Seven months [...]

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thankful saturday

Thankful for my mommy who joined me for one of my treatments and also challenged me to a game of chess … it’s been years!  She took the first game and the second would’ve been mine if I hadn’t started chatting … darn me!  :) :: subscribe to {tsj} photography :: join me on twitter [...]

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it’s back …

Optic Neuritis that is.  It’s back in my other eye.  It started Sunday after church … vision loss.  Not so much pain {thank goodness!}, but things are pretty blurry outta my right eye. And now I gotta go back for IV steroid treatments … asap.  As the longer I wait, the more permanent the damage [...]

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hurray for full doses!

I so struggle with thinking I’m complaining by telling people what’s going on with me … but in recognition of a couple different things, I thought I’d give an update with the latest … First of all, tonight I’ll take my first full dose of medicine … hurray for full doses!  :) So far, the [...]

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struggles & random thoughts

A few people have been asking how I’m doing and if the treatment is working … clearing my symptoms. It’s not.  Not yet.  I still have hope though … My vision has been getting worse.  Blurry at times, but my reading vision is mostly being affected.  I had a follow up with an optometrist and [...]

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