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an abandoned checker board

WARNING:  Long, rambling post to follow. Nothing like an abandoned checker board to grab my attention, put my emotions in check, and quiet my spirit. My life is nothing short of crazy. Truly. I really should don a red helmet and carry a hose on my back because it seems all I do is move [...]

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no matter what …

Hunter had surgery last week. She needed her adenoids and tonsils removed, and had her third set of ear tubes inserted. This was the fourth surgery this kid has undergone in her little six years of life. Anyway. My girl was so brave. I don’t think she had any idea what was about to hit [...]

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the voice of truth

Yesterday, I’m standing at my favorite gas station … the one that declares it’s faith boldly by pumping Christian music to each island. As I was filling my tank with gas, my eyes started filling with tears as the words of the song playing washed over me. It’s one of my favorites, Voice of Truth [...]

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pouring into her heart-bank …

It was “daddy morning” at school. And we’re currently without a daddy. Of course my mommy heart hurt for her, but her soon-to-be six year old heart took it in stride. My girls definitely see their days of heart-pain, but I’m so forever, forever grateful that the Lord has guarded their hearts and minds. I’m [...]

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for my tay …

Sweet child of mine … You are walking a long and hurtful path. You know loss. You know grief. You know loneliness. Your courage and heart continue to amaze me. I stand in awe of you … at times taking for granted the darkness you have seen … but so in awe of the Light [...]

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