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another teacher gift idea!

A Teachers Prayer Lord, please help me to strengthen their bodies, voices, and minds … to express their feelings and control them sometimes … to explore what is near and venture afar. But most important, to love who they are. ~ author unknown sources: basket idea teachers prayer download basket & frames – Michael’s nail [...]

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unless :: a lesson from the lorax

Have you seen The Lorax? We really enjoyed the movie, but what stirred me the most is one simple word: UNLESS One small word. A whole lot of potential. Can I share a few examples with you? Unless we start exercising and taking care of ourselves, we’ll always feel unhealthy. Unless we stand up and tell [...]

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it’s the first of march!!

And along with March comes a little green fellow and his favorite day … St. Patrick’s Day! Although. I’m not Irish, so technically I don’t know the whole leprechaun-favorite-day thing to be true. But play along anyway? Since the big green day is on it’s way … I thought I’d revisit some of our past [...]

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i a-s’more you!

Get it? Or do I have to explain it to you too? Maybe it’s just that my cleverness is lost on the kiddlets? I’ll explain anyway … :) I a-s’more you … instead of I adore you. Get it now? And the treat bag is filled with s’more goodies! Clever, huh? I enlisted the help [...]

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one thousand gifts

Have you read the book?  I sadly admit that I haven’t.  I own it.  But I haven’t read it.  I’ve gifted it no less than twenty times.  But I haven’t read it. You know that pile o’ books that we all have accumulating, but time ticks away and you can never seem to get through [...]

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