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(in)couraged to hope – unglued #6

I can decide now what I want to be known for — words that sum up my life, my impact, my influence, my contribution to this world. What will be my lingering words? Lingering words are words that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy {Philippians 4:8}. Think about such things. Don’t [...]

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(in)couraged to hope – unglued #5

I strongly believe God brings hope to hopeless situations and Lysa is proving it to be true with each word I read in her latest book, Unglued. I’m so thankful Jacque and I are leading this journey of (in)couraged to Hope and pray God is meeting over 80 women in our “messes” as we read [...]

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(in)couraged to hope – unglued #4

It’s week four of our Unglued study and I need to be perfectly honest with you … I’ve gone done and become unglued! Most definitely when: My Piper could only find ONE shoe and we were already late for school. My eight year old fell down the stairs and split the back of her head [...]

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(in)couraged to hope – unglued #2

Welcome to week two of our Unglued study! How did the first week go for y’all? What were some things that stood out most? What did you learn about yourselves? Does your book look like mine? :) I thought it was so important … and wise … to start out the week understanding our thoughts [...]

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(in)couraged to hope – unglued #1

Jacque and I are overwhelmed at the response we’ve received to last week’s announcement! We know what it looks like to face a day, praying for it to be sprinkled with extra dash of hope. And we know many of you could use some of those extra dashes sprinkled into your day too! We’re thrilled [...]

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