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christmas vacation photos

I’ve been working on sorting through and editing the way-too many photos I’ve taken on recent vacations.  I started with a relatively easy one … our Christmas vacation in Mexico. There are still over 200 some photos, but I started with 900ish … so believe me, although it may not seem like it as you’re [...]

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shopping + jumping

Yesterday afternoon, we went down to the beach to do this … And ended up doing this … And this … And this …

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"it’s a bee test!!!"

See this? See her? Yeah … it stung her.  But she has got to be the bravest girl I know. For some reason, there are a lot of bees hanging around us at the pool.  Curt, ever the naturalist, has been instructing the girls on proper bee behavior {which surprisingly doesn’t involve petting them … [...]

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that’s how we roll …

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great beach+great lighting = fun photos

We had a great walk on the beach and the lighting was perfect for me to capture it all on film.  We’re having a great time!  The weather’s a tad cool {it’s all relative, right?}, but the girls are loving the pool anyway … and there’s always the hot tub to warm us up.  The girls even [...]

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