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thankful …

Do you often ride a high of thankfulness … and then quickly forget? I’m guilty. I mentioned in a recent post that CJ and I are having communication issues, and just general martial-funk issues.  I’m guilty.  It’s not all him.  As easy as it can be to blame the other … I know I’m guilty. [...]

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bring on the monkeys …

I love this photo. One of the things Curt had arranged in Mexico was a petting zoo.  That would be a mobile petting zoo.  The animals came to the house, all in one small car, complete with the animal trainers, animals, equipment and someone’s family.  Quite the operation! There were two monkeys, a couple of macaws, [...]

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christmas vacation

We left the day after Christmas for Cancun. My sister’s boys came with us (Brett, almost 19; Justin, 15; and Sean, 14) and my mom and dad. The weather wasn’t super great, but we were happy to miss the blizzard and freezing temperatures here! I loved having the boys along and their cousins sure did [...]

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