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wppi & random thoughts

Last year when I was just starting out in my photography business, I so badly wanted to attend WPPI {Wedding & Portrait Photographers International}.  It ended up falling over one of our already planned vacation dates, so I set out to make sure I attended it this year. And I did.  In Vegas.  And CJ [...]

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the moment

I had a growing list this summer of activities I wanted to do with the girls.  As the days flew by, my list grew longer. We seemed to have a really nice summer routine going, but I sometimes felt myself anxious inside that my great intentions of activites fell by the wayside. One particular forced [...]

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Alternate titles: what the heck! help please needles hurt give me a break! i don’t like shots my crazy life stop the world, i wanna get off!  {my personal fav!} I was in full on mother-of-the-year mode the other day.  Complete with a crazy threat of leaving the baby in the car while we went [...]

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4th of july & a valuable lesson

Happy 4th of July. One of my very favorite holidays! One of my other favorite things? Photography. So what better opportunity to combine two of my loves? Photographing the fireworks. We’re up at the lake this weekend and on the night of the 3rd, there’s an awesome firework display right on the lake. This year, [...]

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tuesday randomness

Alrighty … so dad’s out of town.  What does that mean?  Sumin’s going down, that’s what it means. Piper, Wynter and Hunter all have strep throat!  What the heck?  And then I couldn’t even take them to the doctor, so an awesome case of ‘mom-of-the-year’ guilties set in. Tay had her modeling class in Brookfield [...]

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