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wordless wednesday :: moxie

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turkeys … they be hatchin’

So.  I’ve mentioned a time or two about the adventurous things that go down in our humble abode? Our newest adventure? Growing turkeys! Last Fall, we had a family of turkeys running around our property.  There were about 12 in all and they stayed around most of the winter.  It was fun to watch them [...]

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our beloved ariel

Ariel was the first dog we got together … we did all kinds of research on the perfect dog.  I was struggling to be a ‘dog person’ and thought we couldn’t go wrong with Ariel … and basically we didn’t. She tends to get sick, have ear infections, and smells … but she really is [...]

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and puppy makes four …

Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen???  We are officially a family of 12 … 10 living in the house, 4 being canines. We brought “Pebbles” home this morning.  No idea what came over us to get another dog, but we did and I think we are going to love him to death! He’s [...]

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poor spike

So … early November we had a follow-up appointment for Hunter’s last surgery. All was well with her adenoids, but while she was under they did a his-panel on her to check her immune level … some of her levels came back a little low, so they wanted us to see an immune deficiency specialist. [...]

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