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almost wordless wednesday :: week in review

Wynter had a “groovy weather” program … they sang songs from the 60′s & 70′s, and even changed a few lyrics. Wynter’s on the stage and in the upper right hand corner. This one isn’t weather related, but it was their last song and one of the reasons I love, love, love their school! Hunter [...]

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wordless wednesday :: before & next day after

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computer hijack!

So … while in Exuma recently, the girls thought it a grand idea to hijack mom’s computer while she was helplessly making dinner.  I heard it all from the kitchen … mostly screaming and Wynter’s Broadway production of Winter Wonderland … but the real treat came when I opened photobooth and found exactly what they [...]

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hairbrushes and lunches

I have a couple of things to share with you today.  Both relate to Tuesday’s post … another “hairbrush” story … and I’d also like to share the reason we were making “lunches” for church. Let me start with the lunches.  I mentioned in my 1000th post {hee! my 1000th!} that the girls and I [...]

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wordless wednesday :: st. nick happy dance

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